BlabBlab Messenger


BlabBlab Messenger

It offers secure messaging features like video & voice calls, text, files & photo sharing. With BlabBlab you also get features like SOS Alerts with location sharing, share moments, status updates and much more.

BlabBlab takes user's privacy very seriously and is one of the few messaging services that allows you to add only invited contacts in your contact list using QR Code or unique invitation links.

BlabBlab is stylish, secure and offers classified service to buy and sell stuff within your trusted group of friends.

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So many ways to
connect with all your friends


Connect with QR

Scan QR code from your friend’s phone and start chatting, or just share an invite link.


Connect with Text

Simple and easy way to connect with friends, now sharing long stories is more fun!


Connect with Video

Share the moments and make memories with your friends using HD quality video calling.


Start chatting in seconds

Sharing your contact information with trusted friends is made easy using QR Code scanning on your BlabBlab Messenger. Scan your friend’s QR code and start chatting instantly.

You can also share secure invitation links to your friends using an SMS, email or any chat app, click on the link to add your friend and start chatting. Now building trust is easier.

Chat with groups anytime

Connect people and make the world smaller using group chats in BlabBlab messenger, you can share images, files, text messages and emoji’s to express yourself loud. What’s more, have fun unlimited!


Get help faster with SOS Alerts

SOS Alerts allows you to notify your selected contacts with your current location & saved text message with one click. Now getting help is easier when you need it the most.

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Share your best Moments with your best Friends

You are excited about something or you just simply want to capture and share your days moments with your friends, we have it covered.

Now share your day’s stories and moments with your friends. You can like share and comment on stories and moments to make it alive and beyond just sharing photos in chat.

Sell Your Products quicker with in-app classified!

BlabBlab allows you to share open classifieds ads with your trusted contacts, so if you have anything to sell or you are looking for something don't forget to browse the Classifieds on BlabBlab Messenger. It's easy, convenient and secure.

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Get BlabBlab Messenger for your mobile device

Download BlabBlab Messenger for your mobile and start using its interesting multimedia focused features. It's Free!